Marine Audio

Bring The Party To Your Boat!

JC's Customs is dedicated to making absolutely certain that your marine sound system will sound as good as your vehicle, if not better. With new and innovative techniques, we continue to provide the best custom marine audio systems. You have a great stereo in your car . . . why are you settling for less in your boat?

There are many types of boats in different sizes and styles, which all have different needs and requirements, BUT, the foundation is still the same. JC's Customs will design a balanced sound system perfect for a marine environment.

How to Improve The Audio On your Boat.

Bring music to new areas of the boat
Adding speakers is the answer. Most 12-volt stereos are designed to power four speakers. To drive more than four speakers, it is necessary to add an external amplifier. JC's Customs offer Marine amplifiers that are designed to drive many speakers at one time.

Increase overall volume in the boat
The cockpit of a boat is not like the interior of an automobile. There is often substantial wind, water, and engine noise. Trying to listen to the stereo over this ambient noise without an amplifier, can produce speaker distortion, and possible speaker damage. Adding a high power amplifier to the system will provide clean, clear music at higher volumes. So, you can hear over the ambient noise.

Add big bass to your boat
The big bass from a marine subwoofer is crucial if you want your system to sound great over the noise of the wind and water. A subwoofer is a large speaker that's designed to do just one thing: play bass. In most cases a subwoofer is mounted in a specially designed box. Some subs can be mounted in what's called a "free-air" application — that is, no box is required.

Add convenience and features
JC's Customs offers several products to make your boat's audio system more convenient to use. Perhaps the most popular are permanently installed watertight remote controls, with and without displays, that enable you to control on-off, volume, mute, radio stations, CD tracks, CD changer, and more. Multiple remotes can usually be installed on the same system with the use of special cables called Y-adapters, providing convenient access to stereo controls from just about anywhere on the boat. Consider adding an MP3 player to source units with auxiliary inputs.

Add speakers to your wakeboard tower
You have the sweet boat, you have the tower, now what? You need to put up a kickin' system that you can hear when you're 70 ft behind the boat flying into the flats! (or just have one loud enough that everyone on the lake can hear it!). You need a set of tower speakers, and JC's Customs offers many choices.